Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot but hydrated

Gulf coast toad
Bufo valliceps

Yet another day of 100+ temperatures lies ahead for us and wildlife as well. The half inch of rain last week was such a blessing, but more more more is needed. This morning, while selectively watering the back yard plants, I spotted not one but two toads, separately soaking in two of our ground-level bird baths. I know the treated city water can't be good for a toad's skin, but what other choice do they have right now?

I looked up the species and decided our back-yard residents must be Gulf coast toads. The dark lateral stripes along either sides of their bellies plus the light stripe running down their backs are the distinguishing marks.

Please keep praying for the rains to return, everyone! Central Texas is really suffering. So are parts of California.


cat said...

i am encouraging rain dancing with my girls for sure! lake travis is so very sad by us right now. we live a couple blocks from it and it is getting scary with how little water is in there...

come on rain gods, do your thing!! both here and california...pretty please!

Town Mouse said...

With El Nino back, we actually should be getting some of that wet stuff in Texas and Southern CA. A little more iffy in Northern CA, but still a better chance...Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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