Saturday, February 20, 2010

First daffodil

This morning, we have fix or six daffodils starting to bloom. James said he saw them yesterday. Gray, dreary day out there today, but I stepped out long enough to shoot a few photos. Last year, the first one bloomed February 12 so they're a bit late this year.

It should be a beautiful spring with lots of wildflowers since we've had so much rain in the past few months. Such a blessing! And a lot to look forward to.....


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

They are looking beautiful. My daffs are not anywhere near as far along as yours.

Missy's Blog said...

Hi there ... thank you for visiting my blog. On the bathroom "re-do" we did not touch the floor. We painted the walls and replaced the hardware. It's the same old yucky floor we had before. Thanks for visiting. Missy

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