Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family time!

Yay! My 10-year-old nephew, Brandon, and sister-in-law, Laura, from Katy, Texas, along with my mother, Marcelle, visited this past Tuesday! Brandon has grown A LOT! Pretty soon, he's gonna outgrow his mother AND me. It was just great to see them both.

Naturally, we toured them around the Wildscape and introduced them to everyone...

I looked for Gulf fritillary caterpillars on the passionflower vines in the back yard (above) but couldn't turn any up. I did show Brandon my green friend, the praying mantis on the Jerusalem sage (below).

And I did manage to find one big fritillary caterpillar on the passionflower in the front yard (above). I think Brandon was impressed. Thanks for coming, #1 Favorite Nephew!

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