Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Natives in their own neighborhood....

So last weekend, James and I took off for southwestern Travis County on a magazine assignment. We toured Hamilton Pool Preserve, Milton Reimers Ranch and Westcave Preserve. It was SO cool to see some of our native friends, growing naturally in their own neighborhood.

We saw LOTS of American beautyberry...

and my favorite, pigeonberry....

and cedar sage...

Along the way, we also saw lots of wedelia and blackfoot daisies in bloom. We also met some new native plants, like....

Narrowleaf daisy
Grindelia lanceolata
(David Bennett at Westcave identified this and other plants for me)

Garrya ovata ssp. lindheimeri

Northern spicebush
Lindera benzoin
(I want one of THESE....it's a caterpillar host plant for the spicebush swallowtail!)

Prairie false foxglove
Agalinis heterophylla

This pretty wildflower was blooming along roadsides. Even the foliage is purplish.

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