Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1 and still lots going on

Yes, Gulf fritillary moms are still laying eggs, even on passionflower stems with hardly any leaves left. So Sheryl checks certain vines knowing this about fritillary moms and transports their cat kids to vines with plenty of leaves (like the two below).

Gulf fritillary larva
A younger Gulf fritillary larva
Black swallowtail larva on rue

Copper canyon daisy still hosting variegated fritillaries (above left), white-checkered skippers (right) and phaon crescents.
A monarch spotted TODAY on the fragrant mistflower!

LOADS of queens along with American ladies and other nectaring insects on the fragrant mistflower.


Lancashire rose said...

A paradise for butterflies and a guarantee of more next year. Wonderful.

Steph@RamblingWren said...

I spotted a Monarch today and was thinking it is kinda late in the season to see one. I have lots of Gulf fritillary cats as well. What I don't have is any Black Swallowtail. There is parsley and dill in the garden for them to munch on. Maybe I need to plant some Rue.

PS I still can't get over how many Queen butterflies you have in your garden. Amazing!

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