Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting personal with a cicada

I happened to find this resh cicada (Tibicen resh) on the back patio the other day. So it and I got up close and personal for some photos. James helped me out with a few. I think these insects are quite beautiful.

According to Bugguide.net, the cicada's name "resh" refers to the "markings on the mesonotum [upper surface of middle segment of thorax] that look like an upside-down Hebrew letter Resh (and its mirror image on the other side)."

Also according to Bugguide.net, resh males have been recorded, "producing a mean sound pressure level of 105.9dB(50cm), ranking them amount the loudest insects in the world!" I believe it!


Debra said...

Wow. What a gorgeous critter! They look like they come from another planet.

Ragna said...

Yes, very beautiful!

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