Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Deer, be gone!

Part of this story starts with a little ice plant that I bought earlier this month at Blanco Gardens here in town. I love to keep one ice plant in a pot in the back yard during the summer. Well, last week, I bent over to walk over my ice plant and THIS (photo above) is what I found! NOTHING! Something had eaten ALL OF IT.

I was not happy. 

Right away, James and I concluded who to blame–DEER!

The other part of this story is...for more than 12 years, we enjoyed our deer-free back yard encircled by a chain-link fence. We could plant any plant we wanted back there, and the deer didn't bother it. A few times, we even dug up nibbled plants from the front yard and transplanted them to a safe haven in the back yard.


Our happy deer-free zone ended probably late last year. Evidently, one learned how to hop the fence, and a few others followed, always during the dark of night. Then last week, we saw a doe leisurely strolling down a garden path IN THE AFTERNOON. She looked like she was in heaven. James chased her out. 

It was time to DO SOMETHING! 

The front yard is theirs. The back yard is OURS.

Here what James figured out and implemented:

He purchased 6-foot studded T-posts at Tractor Supply that he wired to the fence poles every 10 feet. We ordered three packages of Fencer Wire (2x100-feet 14-gauge welded wire fence with 2x4-inch mesh) from Home Depot. He then wired that to the poles. For gates, he wired on metal trellises. Everything looks great and should do the job.

So guess what I did today? I went back to Blanco Gardens and bought me another ice plant. So, THERE, deer!

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