Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blessed rain....

Sapphire showers

We've had more than 2 inches of rain in the past week. Such a blessing! I took my camera outside a few times yesterday. While I was shooting closeups of the sapphire showers, a tiny jumping spider jumped on the blossoms. I snapped off two photos, and the above turned out the best. The spider only stayed on the flower a few seconds. So I was lucky to catch it at all!

In the evening, James spotted this load lounging in the Sanctuary, and I got a few photos. The water's muddy because the ox beetle shoved dirt from its hole in a pole near the plate. The toad didn't care!

In the soggy soil, we spotted some kind of tiny, round mushrooms.

Another mushroom? It's definitely not a "plant."

James transplanted the gold shrimp plant from the front to the back because hungry deer kept browsing on them. As you can see, they love their new location. As for the deer, recent rains have kept them at bay from our yard. We hope.

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Lorilee said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you fro sharing!

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