Sunday, August 3, 2008

More anoles

Yesterday, while showing my parents and uncle around the front yard, we noticed a male anole in the turk's cap. The day before, I'd spotted a smaller one. Well, this guy ran deeper in the foliage. I found him. Or so I thought. Wow, he'd already caught a cricket!

But not so. It was the smaller anole (probably female), chomping on the cricket. The male cozied up and onto her. James shot several photos, and this one came out the best. By the time he shot this, however, the male had departed the premises. That's the female with the cricket in her mouth.

Why all the anole photos? In years past, I rarely ever saw an anole in this yard. But this summer, we're up to five. I think it's because we're creating more habitat, which gives them a place to hide from cats and other predators.

I've loved anoles since I was a child, and it's really wonderful to see them returning to our yard.

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Pam/Digging said...

I have a lot of anoles in the garden and love seeing them. They're voracious insect hunters, and they pose nicely for photos too, don't they?

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