Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blooms blooms blooms

'Autumn Colors' Rudbeckia hirta
Trumpet vine flowering like crazy.
James is trimming it back because it's getting BIG.

Crepe myrtle so lovely. Previous owners planted it.
Santolina, four-nerve daisy, mealy sage.
Hard to tell in this photo how much the salvias are blooming...
Lots of queens and monarchs arriving to nectar on the blue mistflower.
Texas betony, mealy sage and gray shrub sage.
Fall aster is already blooming!

And our rock rocks are beautiful, too.


Amy Farrier said...

Your garden has so many gorgeous blooming things! Love all the butterflies on the mistflower, and the crepe myrtle is fantastic. The pink ones here are going crazy, but my white Natchez has yet to take off. And trumpet vine is taking over our neighborhood fences, too, but so beautifully.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Oh, it's so beautiful this spring! Thanks to the rains that God's sent. I'm in our hammock this afternoon, reading, watching monarchs glide by, listening to cardinals and robins and woodpeckers, keeping an eye on passing squirrels....come on by!

Martha Herden said...

Oh the beauty of these Spring Flowers-nobody can capture them in a photo quite like you can!

Thanks for sharing so much of your Texas Native Yard with us and Go JAMES-a man working with the flowers!! Fantastic!


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