Monday, June 18, 2012

What's blooming and chirping

The rock roses are spectacular right now.

While I was shooting the rock roses, a trio of young Carolina wrens were bug hunting on the ground and up the brick wall of our house. When I turned my camera on one, I got a nice photo of one curious little guy. 
We have so many young birds in our Wildscape right now. One particularly LOUD teenaged mockingbird screeches nearly all day for his parents to feed him. A pair of cardinal parents stay busy tending their kids, too.

The flame acanthuses are blooming. Later this summer, maybe we'll get more crimson patch caterpillars to host on the leaves.
A couple of views of our back yard, complete with the stock tank pond.

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Lancashire rose said...

Love the rock rose. Such a carefree plant which flowers all the time. I am also a fan of the flame acanthus. I must see if I can get it to grow outside the walls. I have never heard of the crimson patch caterpillars. Must check them out.

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