Saturday, October 6, 2012

First a turkey...

Now a turkey vulture! This morning, James hollered, "Oh, sweetheart! Look out the window!" I laughed. Two summers ago, we had a resident turkey hen that hung out in our back yard. This time, a turkey vulture dropped in. Literally. Later, James found what was left of an opossum carcass. Somebody must have dropped it from a tree, and it landed in our yard. Vultures have EXCELLENT smell and couldn't miss a look-see at the tempting morsel. Another vulture was in a nearby oak. Both flew away when James pulled up a window blind to get a better look. Alas, neither bird came back for the carcass so James took care of it.

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Lancashire rose said...

When the vultures land you know they have found something. However, we saw 5 turkeys the other day. They are so funny to watch. When spooked they just look like something out of Jurassic park.

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