Friday, April 19, 2013

Just one martin

Alas, only one martin has returned to our house the last two nights. I wish I knew what happened to the other one. I feel sure our lone soul is the male. He entertained a female briefly at the house but returned by himself Wednesday evening. For a long while, he sat on the porch, then at 8:15 he went inside the top-floor compartment for the night.

A female briefly visited....

Last night, I headed outside at 7:30 to keep an eye out for him. I felt sure he'd return. I saw him soaring overhead several times then he'd disappear. Close to 8 p.m., he returned and began flying in closer to the house. Then another pair of martins flew by, and he took out after them, chortling loudly. At first, I thought maybe he wouldn't come back. But yes, he would, I decided! And he DID! Alone, still. At 8:05 or so, he flew straight into his compartment. I headed back to the house. My vigil was done.

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