Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Surprise visit!

Blanco seventh graders from the middle school recently stopped by to see our Texas Wildscape.
I was working at my desk yesterday when I heard a LOT of voices outside. I peeked out a window and saw a bunch of kids walking along the street in front of our house. One of them was my young neighbor friend, Peyton. And he was running toward our front door! I dashed down the hall and threw open the door before he could knock

"Miss Sheryl! Will you come out and talk to our class?" he exclaimed. He's in the seventh grade, and his entire class filled a chunk of the street.

Sure, I said. I was thrilled!

Pam, their science teacher (she taught both my kids), visited our Wildscape several weeks ago because she wants to bring students over to tour our yard. Yesterday, she apologized for the short notice. "We're on our way back from the state park, and I thought we'd come this way so they could see your yard," she explained. 

I didn't mind! I love to share about native plants and wildlife in our Wildscape. I talked about the prairie verbena blooming and a few of the other plants in our front beds. Then I remembered about the mother wolf spider I still had in the house (previous post). So I ran inside and carefully carried her back outside. Everyone got to look at her before they headed back to school.

Come on back any time!

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