Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More cool additions

A month or so ago, James came up with a cool idea. Or should I say ANOTHER cool idea. He's always got ideas. Anyway, he suggested that we make a grouping of bird baths. So last weekend, we bought two small bird baths and relocated two more from elsewhere in our Wildscape. Of course, we'll be planting around the baths so it won't look so bare like it does now. We tucked two chairs in the corner. Real cozy and great views, too!
In place of a bird bath that we relocated, we put this one that we also bought from last weekend's estate sale. I think Rebecca would be pleased to know that we have it now. She was always so much about "Keep Blanco Beautiful."
James enlarged the rock border around this bed because the salvias and trailing lantana have grown!
And before I forget, James shot all these photos! Aren't they nice?

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