Friday, October 16, 2015

Meadow mowed

With the extremely dry conditions and now wildfires near Smithville and Bastrop, I finally agreed that the Meadow should be mowed. James immediately did a happy dance. Then he shot photos for me, before and after. 

He also said our neighbors would probably dance with glee, too. 

What a funny guy. (Thank you, James, for braving the terribly dusty conditions and mowing our Meadow.)


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TexasDeb said...

Hot dusty work (which is a reason it had to be done I suppose). You are wise not to tempt fate - the smell from the smoke of those fires was quite disconcerting the other day. It made it hard to work outside because over-riding the natural instinct to search out the source for such a signal is tricky even when you "know" it comes from miles away. We need rain!

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