Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dump load of dirt

This week, James has been busy in our Wildscape, hauling rocks and mulch to create new beds around our oaks. The reason's twofold: we want to protect the trees' roots and also we also want less grass to mow. What's more, less grass in times of drought is better, too. I don't believe in watering grass (costs too much, for one thing) so it's just got to survive on its own. Which the little that we have has managed to do over the years. (I've been told by Master Gardener Dave Ardiana that we have Floratam St. Augustine.)

Yesterday, he ordered a dump load of dirt from a local company. It arrived late afternoon, much to James' obvious delight....

From the looks of things, we've got a LOT of work ahead of us!!

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