Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leaffooted bug

This guy has been hanging out near the passionflower vine in the front yard. I haven't pointed him out to James. Yet. I distinctly remember James giving the last one a "thunk" in the head (it survived). I'm more of a "let-and-let-live" kind of person. I even hate to kill roaches (I flush'em instead whenever possible.) However, I identified this insect, and the news is not good. He (she?) is a leaffooted bug (Acanthocephala terminalis). Read more on, too. What do they eat? Stems, leaves, fruit, that type of thing.

In other words, this guy likely preys on our passionflower vine.

Uh oh. Not good. Think he may be taking a trip across the street soon to the vacant field.....

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