Saturday, June 27, 2009


Aristolochia erecta

You'll never believe this story! This morning, I was researching pipevine species because I was curious to know which one we planted in the Meadow. I wrote my post and published it, then took off with my son, Patrick, to Wimberley. There we climbed Old Baldy and visited with my aunt and uncle, Saza and Dudley Dobie Jr. I'd hoped to take their granddaughter (my little cousin), Drew Dobie, down to the Blanco River for a few minutes, but she giggled and declined (she's five). So Patrick and I ventured down to the bank and looked around. The river, thanks to our drought, is dreadfully low.

As we were climbing back up the grassy slope to their house, a strange-looking plant caught my eye. "Wow, look at this!" I exclaimed to Patrick. "Go get Uncle Dud! He's got to see this!"

Like me, my uncle was surprised and amazed to see such an usual specimen.

"I think it's a pipevine species," I said. "I saw some similar ones when I was researching pipevines this morning."

Just as soon as I could get to my computer, I downloaded my pictures and compared them to online photos. Looks to me like a swanflower (Aristolochia erecta), which also happens to be another host plant for pipevine swallowtails!

If you visit the Vascular Plant Image Library and look up Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort family), you can find some more images of Aristolochia erecta.

Now is that a coincidence or what? Two pipevine species in one day!


Town Mouse said...

I love surprises like that! Somehow, it's hard to get bored with all that's going on...

Joan Miller said...

We found the same plant and were dumbfounded by it last month. Someone who saw our photo ID'd as swanflower and your blog popped up on a search. Ours strangely enough was up at our house construction site south of Bandera and isn't near the (dry) creek. Amazingly strong-willed plant!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

That's amazing!!!!

Elaine said...

I had some of these in my yard and couldn't figure out what they were! The catepillars moved in and devoured them in just a couple of days. I couldn't figure out what kind they were either! Thanks!!

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