Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot weather winners

OK, folks, here's something new to feel guilty about: I don't blog like I used to.

The thrill's gone.

At least, temporarily.

Until the rains return. As I've whined about before, I can't bear to go outside and see our Wildscape. The plants (and animals as well) as struggling to survive. A month or so ago, we set out a 5-gallon bucket filled with water in the Meadow. It's for any white-tailed deer that happen by, and they do! Last week, our neighbor, Marcella, called to alert us about two deer drinking from it. We ran to a window, and–sure enough–spotted a mother and her fawn. Beautiful. The deer child out ran its mother when James startled them, trying to get a photo.

In the meantime, I've thought how I should post something about my favorite "hot weather" plants. The ones that are faring well during this drought. That is, with morning waterings, of course.

Here goes:

Salvia 'Hot Lips'

Mexican oregano
(Lippia graveolens)

Bicolor sage
(Salvia sinaloensis)

P.S. I should mention that the lesser goldfinches are already coming back! We spotted our first male maybe two weeks ago. I think some American goldfinches have shown up, too. I'd put the leftover thistle seed in our freezer, but I may have to take it back out! Seems so early for them to return.

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mkircus said...

I would think you would have lesser goldfinches all year around. They don't come to the feeders very often in the summer and totally give up niger seed. But they show up in my yard to drink water and I hear their clear whistle calls almost every day. I live in Dripping Springs. A relative in New Braunfels also has them year around.

This site has the sound the goldfinches make. What I hear is their clear whistle.

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