Thursday, March 11, 2010

Martin sighting!

We were unlidding the entrances on our six-room house awhile ago, and TWO PURPLE MARTINS flew over head! Oh, yeah, I did the Happy Dance! Lots of them!

I thought I'd heard one earlier in the day while we were outside. But I didn't see anything. It was so cool to glimpse them when we did. Awesome! Here's hoping we get our first tenants this spring!!

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Lorilee said...

Good Luck with your martins. I guess I need to get my house up this week. We didn't get any martins last year. We always have trouble with European Starlings. I did have a Mexican Free-tail bat caught in the gable vent on our house. It also had ants attacking it. I rescued it, but couldn't find a nearby rehabilitator.

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