Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New plant markers

Take a gander at my new garden project! I surfed around the Internet to see how other gardeners label their plants and came across these metal markers. After some comparison shopping, I ordered 100 miniature labels (item "M") from the Paw Paw Everlast Label Co (plus a mechanical pencil, one package of replacement leads and two regular pencils). This company definitely had the best prices and apparently are THE manufacturers of this product. My package shipped FAST. So far, I'm very pleased, both with how easy they are to use and how nice they look in our Wildscape. On the backs of the labels, I jot down where and when we bought/planted each plant.

UPDATE–JULY 28, 2010–Believe it or not, my 100 markers ran out this week so I ordered another 100 on Monday. After I placed my order, by e-mail, I mentioned that I ended up with four extra wire holders and no labels. Was that possible, I asked. Yes, they wrote back.

Well, my order came today (yes, three days later!), and–you guessed it...or maybe you didn't–they stuck in four extra labels! Wasn't that NICE? This company and their products are GREAT! What's more, they don't charge for shipping, only a tiny clerical fee (mine was $1.48) if you order online. Thank you, Steven Starbuck and everyone at the Paw Paw Everlast Label Co.!!

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