Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More more more

Yes, more of EVERYTHING! Rocks, beds, plants, WORK....

But not as much work as James did last week when he gathered up big limestone rocks from the sewer line project on our street (yes, he called City Hall and got permission first). He spent most of the afternoon, hauling what turned out to be a rather large pile of rocks! It was raining that day, too, so he had to deal with wet stuff and mud. But that didn't deter our determined, hard-working guy!

A few days later, he laid out new beds in the back yard and filled the areas with mulch. Last Tuesday, we headed to Austin, visited four different nurseries and bought more....

From Texas Grown Plants....

Texas betony
(I've been wanting another one of these.)

Heartleaf skullcap

From Natural Gardener...

Salvia greggii 'Orchid Delight'

Lantana 'Cream Spreader'
(also–not pictured–a Salvia greggii 'Red')

Salvia greggii 'Compact Orange'

Lyreleaf sage
Salvia lyrata
(new to me)

Wedelia hispida

Lantana x 'Purple Trailing'

Salvia greggii 'White'

(I LOVE pigeonberry!! We bought a second one and a rock rose, too.)

From Emerald Gardens...

Blood weed 'Silky Scarlet'
(Asclepias curassavica)
(This butterfly week–which I planted near blue mistflower in a front bed–won't likely overwinter, but I HAD to buy one for all the queens. Milkweeds are caterpillar
host plants for queens and monarchs.)

Dwarf goldenrod 'Golden Baby'
(I was really excited to find this short version of the fall-blooming native!)

Rollin' in Thyme & Dough

Yellow bush daisy
Euryops pectinatus

American beautyberry
A gift from Kaye Northcott, my former editor at Texas Co-op Power magazine

* * * *

AND HERE ARE OUR FINISHED BEDS! Nature, you take it from here!

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