Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snowberry clearwing moth

Snowberry clearwing moth
Hemaris diffinis

I really thought I'd posted a photo of this species, the snowberry clearwing moth (Hemaris diffinis). But I searched my archives and couldn't find one. Earlier today, I was noting which species we've seen here on my Butterfly Checklist/Blanco County post. And I didn't see the snowberry on the list. So I dug up this photo I shot Sept. 2, 2007, and sent it to our state coordinator, Kelly Mortensen, who's with the Butterflies and Moths of North America website. Right now, the staff is tied up, trying to get a new website up and running so she probably won't acknowledge my report for awhile. That's okay.

The snowberry clearwing moth is really a cool species. Check out my article, "The Enigma of the Clearwing Moth" in the June 2010 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

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