Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ignored plant has a name

This tiny, plain-looking plant grows here and there in our Meadow. I've ignored it mostly. It just doesn't seem to DO much! Finally, though, I decided I needed to get to know it better. So I emailed this image to Jerry, our plant expert with my Highland Lakes chapter of Texas Master Naturalists. I figured he'd know. He did.

"That little plant is rabbit tobacco (Evax verna)," he replied. "Now you can get to know it."

Well, I tried. There's not much info on this species, other than it's an annual that belongs to Asteraceae (aster family). Oh, and it has another common name: spring pygmycudweed. 

On the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's website, I looked up other Evax members. For Evax prolifera, I learned that "Rabbit Tobacco has what appear to be wooly hairs on its flowers and stalks. It grows very low to the ground and is a rather inconspicuous plant."

Poor IS overlooked in the botanical community. I'll have to try and shoot some closer images of its flowers, which are VERY interesting and unique.

MORE PHOTOS, as promised

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