Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Treasures in the ditch

My best guess is wild oat (Avena fatua)
We've decided to start transplanting some species from nearby ditches and vacant lots. At least I have! After James accidentally plowed down some gaura that I had relocated last week, we agreed to make a new "wildflower" bed. Pretty soon, the city will come along and mow down the "weeds" in the ditch, and everything will be gone. Recently, we spied some cool grass along the fence that separates our property from the ditch. I missed getting shots when it flowered. The heads were lovely. But I did get these images the next day.

Gaura gaura everywhere in the ditch! Plus, it's TALL!

Gaura up close.

First Indian blanket of the season!


Engelmann daisy

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