Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More on beetle infestation

Phaedon desotonis
Yuck. The army of beetles (Phaedon desotonis) continue to forge across our Meadow. Yesterday, I found beetle larva (see photos). Read more about the beetles on my previous post, "Beetle infestation." James wants to treat them or throw hot water on the or SOMETHING. Naturally, I'm not in favor of that but am worried that they'll continue to damage our plants, maybe even move into our back yard. Help!

Decimated greenthread foliage

A spider manages to make a web among the eaten stems.

I found a beetle AND a larvae (gotta look close) on the ground.

Larva on what's left of a greenthread stem

Larvae close up

A chomped-on greenthread flower


Anonymous said...

Argh! Thanks for posting these photos! Larvae have INVADED my yard plantings--I've never seen ANYTHING like it. I haven't checked the pastures yet. Yours were the first photos I found. I'm in NE Oklahoma. An organic insecticidal soap didn't do a thing to them last week....will try something else tomorrow.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

The coreopsis will survive, surprisingly. I HATE these beetles!

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