Friday, September 28, 2012

Blooms galore!

The sky's dark, and more rain's on the way. Thank you, Lord! I decided I'd go outside and shoot some photos before everything gets wet and soggy.

Cowpen daisy, upclose

Cowpen daisy

Trailing lantanas and salvias....beautiful!!
Annual asters (Symphyotrichum subulatum)
Mexican bush sage
'Indigo Spires' salvia
Salvias salvias salvias

I heard a noise, something talking to me, while I was shooting. I looked up, and at first I thought the squirrel was climbing down to visit me. But it didn't.

Gray scrub sage and 'Henry Duelberg' salvia
Salvia, green santolina, four-nerve daisy, lemon verbena, mealycup sage
Turk's cap and mistflower
Fall aster
Shrimp plant
Galena salvia
View of back yard from the side
Climbing snapdragon vine (my new favorite native!)
Drummond's woodsorrel
Salvia 'Otahal'
Inland sea oats

My fun stock tank pond for a grand finale!


Martha said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing so many great shots of fall's beauty in your garden.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Thanks, Martha!

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