Monday, September 3, 2012

Old man's beard

Drummond's clematis (Clematis drummondii)
Back in my former life, my former husband would often point out this vine to me when we traveled Texas highways. I didn't pay much attention. In those days, native species didn't interest me like they do now. It was just another ol' plant. But I remember him telling me, "There's some old man's beard!" Now I think the vine is one of the coolest native plants, and I WANT SOME! Today, James and I drove out in the country, and he stopped so I could pick some seeds from some growing on an old fence. I had to try and shoot some photos first. Isn't it beautiful? Old's man beard is related to the purple clematis, which also has a fluffy seed head.

NOTE TO SELF: Today, September 28, 2012, I "planted" these seeds along an old barbed wire fence on the west side of our property. 


sandy lawrence said...

Sheryl, does this Old Man's Beard vine also have a bloom like the purple clematis?

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Check out my post on the purple clematis seed head:

They're similar but different. Ha! How's that for descriptive writing? :-)

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