Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lost Ladybug Project

Coccinella septempunctata
While on an assignment in Horseshoe Bay this week, I spent some time at a city park, shooting photos of a father and his two kids at the playground. Keiley, 4, and Bristol, 2, jumped on and off the swings and monkey bars with nonstop energy. After a little coaxing, Keiley finally agreed to go down the slide for a picture or two. Then we walked down to the creek to look for turtles and frogs. "You can take our pictures because we don't have a camera," she told me matter of factly. Then, to my stunned amazement, Keiley talked about monarchs and painted ladies, how she'd kept some but had to let them go. Age four! 

On the way back up to the parking lot, Keiley spotted this ladybug and cupped it in her hands. She dropped it, but I told her that I'd take a picture of it and submit it to the Lost Ladybug Project on her behalf. So here's your ladybug, Keiley. Like I promised, I've submitted it to the project for you.

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