Monday, February 18, 2013

Sprucing up the stock tank

 Since we were up near Cedar Park last Saturday, we drove the extra few miles to the Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery. I needed to get some more submerged grass to replace what had died over the winter. Diane, who helped us select plants there last May, helped us again! I purchased four bunches (which is a LOT) and this time tried potting some. I'd rather keep it growing instead of having to buy it now and then. The rest I'm letting free float in the water.

Over all, the stock tank is doing well. The water lilies died back but are re-leafing now. I cut back the lemon barcopa because it'd gotten pretty leggy. And the horsetail rush is fine. So far, so good! Now we're considering a small, in-ground pond, nothing fancy, with a "rock beach" so turtles can walk in if they want. Another project for James!

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