Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another classroom visit

For the third week in a row, science teacher Pam Meier brought three students from the Blanco Middle School to tour our Wildscape. They walk from campus and stay about a half hour. Today, we listened for the calls of baby mockingbirds begging parents to feed them and the chorltes of adult purple martins flying overhead. I showed them tiny caterpillars munching on passionflower vines and explained how, in nature, many plants feed specific insects. Which is why you shouldn't always squash them when you find them in your gardens. They asked about the turk's cap (photo above), which grows in the wild here in the Hill Country. However, we couldn't find the species in the guidebooks they brought (the classic Wildflowers of Texas by Geyata Ajilvsgidoesn't include turk's cap, darn it).

The girls will return for two more Wednesday morning tours. Then it's summer vacation! In the meantime, Pam and I are discussing the idea of having more students come next year, which would be GREAT! I love sharing our Texas Wildscape.

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Martha Herden said...

Two "great" teachers- the outdoor classroom just a short wak away~~
A wonderful opportunity for young minds to learn the importance of'

Who knows--a few visits to the "Hearn" Landscape and we will be hearing young voices speaking about TEXAS NATIVES!!!

Perhaps that will be the BEST lesson of all.... Special thanks should go out to Ms. Meier & the Hearns!! Martha

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