Friday, May 31, 2013

Giane coneflower

 Last April, we bought two giant coneflowers (Rudbeckia maxima) from the Mostly Native Plant Sale in Boerne. This month, one is blooming for the first time. It's beautiful! Giant coneflowers can grow as tall as six feet. As you can see, this one is taller than our chain-link fence.
In the wild, I'd only seen them once somewhere out toward East Texas. I took some digital pictures of them but don't know what happened to them. Then last week, I spotted one growing near San Marcos. On the way back (a different trip) via RR 32, I saw a cluster growing in a dry stream bed or draw. Cool!

This jumping spider was messing around with a stick that was somehow attached to the flower. He acted like he was trying to rig an escape hatch. I don't know what happened after I left. Doesn't he know that he's got built-in drag-line equipment?


Lancashire rose said...

You certainly have the space for such a beautiful but tall wildflower. I love the stands of this plant they have at the Wildflower Center.

sandy lawrence said...

How timely! This plant came up as a lone volunteer in my decomposed granite drive. When in bud, I first thought it to be a yellow Mexican Hat and then I saw how different the leaf was. The bloom opened today. I'm glad to know its name and how tall it will get so I know where to transplant it. I have no idea how it arrived, probably via a bird. Thanks!

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