Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wildlife sightings

I've been busy AND lazy lately so I haven't posted in a week. Last Friday, I saw something moving by our chain-link fence. I kept looking and then..."JAMES, THERE'S A COTTONTAIL IN THE BACK YARD!" I hadn't seen one on our side of the street in years and years. It was quite exciting. When the rabbit seemed like it couldn't find its way out, we decided to step outside. As soon as it saw me, it sped across the yard and slipped through an opening between the house and fence. The photo above was taken through a window, then cropped tight. We opened a window to get the shot below, but it's still not very great. Sorry!
Can you find the rabbit? (Hint: Search along the rock line.)
Then at supper that evening, look who showed up and acted like SHE wanted to explore our back yard, too? We've got a herd of five white-tailed deer that roam our neighborhood. Yay. (Yes, that is sarcasm in my voice that you hear.)

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