Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wildflowers of Central Texas poster

Isn't this poster pretty and helpful? I recently saw it hanging in the main office at Medina River Natural Area south of San Antonio. I just checked around online, and they're available for sale. Here's a link where you can snag one for $18 plus $5 postage and state tax. 

UPDATE March 31, 2016–Yesterday, I received a comment from Janice Campbell, the talented woman who created this posted: 

"Thank you for featuring my 'Wildflowers of Central Texas' poster in your March 26 blog post, and for your positive comments about it—really appreciate the mention.While visiting your site, I enjoyed reading about your evolution from bird-bath-to-certified-Texas-Wildscape—inspiring!"

I asked if she could send me her bio and/or background on how she came to create this poster. She did!

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