Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ecology class gardens

Yesterday morning, I walked over to the Blanco Middle School. For the longest time, I've wanted to see the gardens overseen by biology/ecology teacher Pam Meier. I was amazed to see quite an operation! 
Located behind the school and high fenced, the raised bed gardens support both vegetables and pollinator plants. Four giant compost tumblers turn cafeteria leftovers and shredded paper into rich organic matter for the gardens.

Some students are conducting experiments to find out how tomato plants react to certain sprays and what kind of bugs are attacking squash plants. 

Within the fenced garden, the students also tend an area planted specifically for monarchs. Two rainwater collection tanks (purchased via grants) provide water for all the gardens. 

Later, a few students headed out to the school's adjoining field to mark antelope horns with orange flags (so they won't get mowed down). I tagged along and pointed out some, too. I had fun noticing other native species, such as foxglove and the pretty twoleaf senna (below). I wanted to flag ALL of them! 

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