Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spider presentation

A big thank you goes out to the Friends of the Kingsland Library for inviting me to be a guest speaker at their February meeting today. My presentation was on -- what else? -- "Spiders of Central Texas." I enjoyed my time with everyone! (Thanks, James, for capturing the true essence of me in the photo below. Ho ho ho.)

Robert L. brought a female black widow (and two egg sacs) to share at the meeting.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February blooms

The daffodils started blooming yesterday!

Ten-petaled anemones

'May Night' salvia
Coral honeysuckle
'Texas Scarlet' quince, gifted to us by the Crofts in tribute to James' mother.

Friday, February 14, 2014

To mow or not to mow

I'd been of the "no mow" persuasion regarding the Meadow. Not James. Of course. Meanwhile, now and then, I'd ask a few folks for their opinion. No disrespect intended to my sweet husband. Just wondered, that's all. Anyway, I did concede. Perhaps it would be best to go ahead and mow the Meadow, I told him. So yesterday, he did. Quite happily, I might add. If he turns out to be right (that the new seedlings plants will grow much stronger and healthier minus the thick overhead thatch), then I'm OK with that. Really. Honest. :-)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Going to seed

The purple milkweed vine is going to seed across the Meadow....I love milkweeds.

Look who I spotted!

Yesterday was SO BEAUTIFUL! Like a glimpse of spring. I was venturing out to the Meadow when I looked up and...OH MY GOODNESS, WOW! So naturally, I ran (literally) back to the house for my camera. Later, James got to see our eastern screech owl, too. Wonderful to see him/her again! (Plus, we spotted our very first robin of the season yesterday, too.)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest presentation

Members of the Highland Lakes Birding and Wildflower Society kindly invited me to speak to their group this month. Which I did yesterday. I gave my "Window on a Texas Wildscape" program, which gives an overview of our yard and the work we've done over the past many years. Thank you for having me, y'all!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sightings wonderful and not

The sun came out this afternoon so I wandered around a bit in our Wildscape, mostly in The Meadow. Yes, I spotted LOTS of bluebonnet seedlings! So exciting! I'm so hoping we can get them really established. From the looks of what I found, we're on our way!

Alas, I also been finding lots of  wax ligustrum seedlings. 
Major YUK! Actually, this is the first year I've found as many as I have. They seem to be extra prolific. I found some Malta star thistle seedlings along the Meadow's edge but not many.I think we've got those fairly under control now.