Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another brick patio!

For the longest time, we'd been contemplating what to do with this last open area in the back yard. We had leftover bricks, and James had an idea about a semi-circle garden, where you'd be surrounded by flowering plants. I offered a vague cloverleaf design, and off he went! 

In the meantime, I searched Craigslist and miraculously found a set of four green wooden chairs AND an iron bench in nearby Bulverde. We bought'em right up Saturday night! 

By day's end on Sunday, James had FINISHED! Yesterday, we spent most of the day moving rocks and hauling compost. We widened existing beds to mesh with the new gardens and patio. (Sorry, most of my photos aren't so good because I left my little point-and-shoot on nightscape mode. James shot the last photos.)


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Next door

The zizotes milkweed on our neighbor's property that adjoins the Meadow is blooming. Mine shriveled up but is coming back again via the root. Yay! (See the protective sticks I put around the plant? And a fork "marker.)
Also the gray golden-aster is blooming on her property. I snuck some seeds and tossed them in the Meadow.