Monday, September 22, 2014

September 2014 in our Wildscape

 Recent rains have REALLY GREENED UP our Wildscape! Thank you, Lord! Pssst....if you look REAL close at the huge live oak, you'll spot a black roundish object in the upper leftish side of the canopy. That's a .....

.....turkey vulture lurking on a high limb! 

And now to the back yard...(below)

Oh, I wish you could see everything in bloom for REAL!
That's James thinking out a new project...another brick patio for our back yard!


debra said...

The rain was sooo welcome. Your wildscape looks lush and lovely.

TexasDeb said...

What fun to see the wider views and get a feel for the overall space. Your hummingbirds and local bees must be as thrilled with those blooms as you are! So lovely... Can't wait to see your new patio and how you'll incorporate it.

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