Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finch convention

As you can see, we bought a new thistle feeder last week (pricey but well made...$30+). James filled it up with seed and hung it near our other feeder in the back yard. Didn't take long at all for the American and lesser goldfinches to find it! This is our first year to attract the beautiful lesser goldfinches (bright yellow one above). In years past, I've coveted the ones that dine on feeders hung outside windows at our local dentist's office. Now we've got our own!

And as you can also see, these birds fuss and feud, tussle and bicker, to get their spot on both the new feeder and a thistle sock we keep filled, too.

In the meantime, I've ordered a purple martin house that we plan to put up on our adjacent lot. I'm a little nervous about spending the money on something that may not get tenants. But we do have purple martins that come every year to houses in a neighbor's yard that a block away. Surely, surely, we'll get some "sub adults" (last year's babies) who need a home of their own.

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Lorilee said...

Good Luck with your Martin house. We had 3 pairs in our old house. They had trouble nesting with all of the sparrows and starlings. We bought a new house with a winch so that I could lower it myself to keep the sparrow and starling nests cleaned out. Then we had NO martins. This will be our second year with the new house. Hopefully we will get Martins this year.

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