Friday, February 20, 2009

New life...

Not long ago, I was researching turk's cap for a magazine article and learned that this plant regenerates easily by seed. Hmmm. So I went outside to the back yard, peered at some of ours, and found some old, dried fruit still on the stem. I picked one, opened it up, and spread the capsules on my kitchen window sill. After a week or so, I planted them (five, I think) in a little plastic pot I already had filled with dirt. Then I placed the pot by the sink so I'd remember to water it once and awhile.

Just after James got home from work this evening, I happened to glance at the pot and–COOOL!!!–spotted a little green poking up from the dirt. "LOOK!" I exclaimed, carrying the pot out to the garage to show James. "We've got a new baby!"

Like me, he was excited, too (we don't get out much).

So yes, we have a new turk's cap child. Maybe the others will sprout, too.

Isn't it neat how something so small and really insignificant can be so special and wondrous?

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