Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Major construction project

I'm many days late, but this was what we did all last Wednesday afternoon. More James than me, I must confess. He dug out a 3'x3' base (2' deep) and poured concrete for my new PURPLE MARTIN HOUSE! It's an early 50th birthday present to me. I'd been wanting one, but it's no easy task to–first of all–decide on WHICH house to purchase and then how to go about putting one up, not to mention where. But I did my research and decided on the model I wanted (more to come on that).

A purple martin house needs to be at least 25 to 40 feet away from trees and buildings but within 100 feet of humans. They need plenty of room to swoop in and out of the house, but they also want to be near people. It's also a plus to be within one or two miles of water. The Blanco River is no more than two miles away from our house.

Once James finished digging, then he mixed and poured concrete ALL afternoon. Eleven bags (80 pounds each total (you do the math). Trust me, that house ain't going anywhere. And yes, I helped...I poured water into the wheelbarrow for him while he stirred. I also kept his tea glass filled and cheered him on hour by hour.

Right before sunset, James completed the foundation for the pole sleeve. Major construction project finished!!

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Terry Suchma said...

Dear Sheryl,

I read all your comments on Purple Martins and followed all of your photos on the installation of your PM house. I read your article on Purple People lovers--I may have that wrong. I also know Gisela Fregoe quite well. We have a lot in common with Purple Martins.

The Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas have a conference/forum on our site here:

Just scroll down and you will find your group forum there.

If you want to contribute your same blog on our website for this season, let me know.

"Keep 'em Flying!"
Terry Suchma
Executive Director
The Purple Martin Society, NA
Shorewood, IL

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