Friday, August 15, 2008

James' well

So I go away with Lindsey for three days and come home again. What do I get? A beautiful new and creative addition to our back yard!

Around this neighborhood, James has a reputation for collecting, moving and arranging rocks. After visiting with a friend from work, he was inspired to build a replica of an old water well. Using rocks he hauled from acreage we own northwest of town, he stacked (and restacked) limestone rocks in the shape of a well. Then he searched for juniper limbs that he used to build a frame for a turn-of-the-century iron pulley once used in a well from our area. Voila! As you can see, his project turned out wonderfully. The local fox squirrels and birds agree, too.

James made MANY trips back and forth, hauling the rocks in his Corolla
(what he calls his "farm truck").

Pieces of his "rock" puzzle that James ultimately fit together to make his well.

A birds-eye perspective of the finished well.

Presto! How do you like it? James has thought about placing a bowl or birdbath inside...
And he's already talking about his next rock project.....

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