Friday, December 19, 2008

Sun at last

So dreary these past few days, though the moisture has been welcome. This afternoon, I went outside to do a little watering and get away from my desk. Warm temps felt good. When I spotted an admiral sunning itself, I set the water hose down and went inside for my camera. Naturally, by the time I returned, a gray cloud moved in front of the sun. Still, I snapped a few shots. Such a wonder to see a butterfly in the middle of December. Upon closer examination of the photo, I can see that it's a bit beat up but still so beautiful...

Then I walked over and took a picture of our eastern screech owl, who roosts every afternoon. About two weeks ago, BOTH of our nest boxes were occupied at the same time, confirming that we do have a pair. Maybe I already reported that in an earlier post?

It's only December, and already James and I can't wait for spring. I think maybe I've said THAT before, too.

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