Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pipevine exotics

(I think the species is right)

Last month, an excursion to John Dromgoole's Natural Gardener nursery in Austin also netted three pipevines, which we planted under the live oaks in the Meadow. While at the nursery, we saw LOTS of fat pipevine swallowtail caterpillars chomping pipepines, planted in a butterfly demonstration garden.

"I want some of those!" I exclaimed, referring to the vines and the caterpillars.

More than a month later, the pipevines are flourishing. The neighborhood deer haven't touched them, either.

No pipevine butterflies as yet, but last night, I noticed the vines are blooming! Cool! The blooms hide under the leaves.....

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Kelly said...

Nice to see this plant again. Our favorite (and only) spot where I have seen an Aristolochia erecta was destroyed when the Four Points Middle School was built.

I'm sure there are others in the area, but we havn't found any because the plant is difficult to see since it blends in with grasses.

I wish we had collected some seeds and planted them on our property. It really is a fascinating and beautiful plant. I searched online and have not found anyone with seeds or plants available for sale.

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