Thursday, October 15, 2009

Always pays to look UP

Beautiful weather out there! I just ate my tortilla and cheese on the patio and happened to look up. Butterflies! Lots of them! Fluttering waaaaay up there, over our house, headed north. North? I ran for my binoculars and tried my best to focus on a few. Looks to me like they might be admirals. They're definitely not monarchs.

I e-mailed my entomologist friend, Mike Quinn, to ask (he lives in Austin) what he thinks. Stay tuned!

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Nell Jean - seedscatterer said...

Hi, sheryl. I came by way of Blotanical to your blog. Your posts are charming. I hope you identify the butterflies you saw. Everybody left here except the Gulf Frits and some of their little cousins, and the Sulphurs who never leave.

Loved your pictures amongst the herbs. You never know when something will turn out so well.

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