Friday, July 9, 2010

Cousin time!

Meet Kendall (eight) and Drew (six), the beautiful daughters of my cousin Rusty and his wife Tina from Austin. The pair spent two nights with us and just left this morning. It mostly rained while they were here, but we were able to tour the Wildscape some the first day. Right off the bat, we found the empty shell of an ox beetle. I explained that it was a male (because of the horns) and how it digs big holes to live in. Then I pointed out some holes in our yard. I also showed them a Gulf fritillary caterpillar on a passionflower vine. We heard white-winged doves and watched hummingbirds.

Next time you visit, Kendall and Drew, we'll get outside more! Thank you for coming!

Our ox beetle (or what's left of him)


Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryl, Thanks for the pictures of the girls. Loved Drew's missing front tooth! Sounds like they had a ball at your house. You can be sure that they will be back for more wildlife adventures.
Thanks for taking the time to spend with the girls.
Say hi to James.....
Irene Branson

Debi said...

Sheryl, have you seen the butterfly eggs on your passionflower vine? Easiest way to find them is when you see a gulf fritillary fluttering, hovering, and touching her bottom to leaves. Then go see where she touched. Take photos, too. They have a fascinating structure up close.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

You're welcome, Irene! It was fun having them both here. And yes, Debi, we've been nursing little fritillary caterpillars along. Yesterday I moved a teen-tiny baby from one vine with no leaves left to another with plenty. Also, we've started new passionflower vines from cuttings. Gulf fritillary mamas have been VERY productive in their egg laying this season!

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