Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Totally random and off the subject...

Yesterday, someone emailed me, asking if I knew the source of an online interview with Rev. Rick Warren that's EVERYWHERE on the Internet. Anne C. had found a posting I'd written two years ago, asking the same question of journalist Paul Bradshaw. I'm a big believer in checking out sources and not assuming everything you read on the Net is accurately or even properly cited (if cited at all).

Bradshaw never bothered to respond, but my posting remains on his site. In 2008, I ended up getting my answer when I directly wrote someone with Warren's group. But I didn't file the information nor did I remember the answer. So I wrote Anne back and said I'd ask Warren's people again. Which I did.

Awhile ago, David Chrzan, Warren's chief of staff, wrote me back. Here is the proper source for the Warren article:

"The interview you’re referring to was conducted in February 2004 by Jim Dailey, the Executive Editor for Decision magazine, a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. The information that’s been circulating on the internet that Paul Bradshaw conducted this interview is incorrect. Here’s the link to the original article from Decision magazine’s November 2004 issue and you’re free to quote from it giving the proper credit."

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