Friday, February 11, 2011

A mushroom from my past

In May 2007, my daughter, Lindsey, and I spotted these delicate little mushrooms in the front yard. We both took photos. Ever since then, I'd wondered more specifically what they were. Looks a like a flower, eh?

Yesterday, while researching a Texas mushroom species, I came across David Fischer's American Mushrooms website and sent him this image. This morning, he graciously answered my inquiry: "This is Coprinus plicatilis, aka Parasola plicatilis. This is one of the very few mushrooms which grow overnight and wither very quickly. You must have been up early that morning. This year, if you watch carefully for them first thing in the morning, you will almost certainly find more."

P.S. I did a quick image search of Coprinus plicatilis, and ours is definitely the prettiest! :-)

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