Friday, July 22, 2011

A few blooms...

Fall obedient plant
Ok. Here I go again. I'm going to whine some more about our drought. I know I must sound like the proverbial broken record. But it's just been tough tough tough not getting any rain this year. I don't enjoy walking through our Wildscape like I usually do because it's so sad to see the plants struggling. We water every other morning to keep what we've got alive. Then I feel guilty when we do. How will we ever get through AUGUST? In the meantime, a few plants are blooming but not many. Some fall obedient plants have flowered. The Fanick phlox has been in bloom for several weeks, and so has the leadwort plumbago. Bright red flowers covered the flame acanthus after we had a nice rain a week or so ago, and the hummingbirds enjoyed them. But they're nearly gone now.

I know God will send rain again. He always does. Somehow, in the meantime, nature survives.

Our obedient plants need water often.
Leadwort plumago
'John Fanick' phlox


Janet said...

I see you've got mulch round your plants, Sheryl. Does that help?
We have had a lot of rain recently after a very dry early summer. But it has been so up and down temperature wise that a lot of plants have bolted and (don't laugh) my sweetcorn is shivering!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

YES, mulch helps a lot. The drought here is terrible. We are praying for rain rain rain.

Janet said...

Can we do a swap? We had rain on and off (mostly on)for several days and localized flooding. How about 7 days of sun (about 25f will do or my plants will die of shock) for a few nights of rain? Then you'll be able to garden during the day!Keep smiling!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Janet, I can't even REMEMBER rain any more!!! I'm not even sure I can go around and take my August photos for this blog. We're losing plants right and left.....

Yes, I'll keep smiling and LOOKING UP! :-)

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